Jared and Melanie

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Post by kvampireloverr »

i like their relationship more than Wanda and Ian, i feel that it's more passionate and senseless
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Post by Twimoonilipse12 »

I liked him in the beginning. I truley did. which is funny because we didn't really MEET him yet. haha

then we wanda\mel got to the caves....i grew a huge hatred. Even when he turned good and reasonable...i still hated him.

no flaming intended.
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Post by leiahlaloa »

I've given myself a few days to mull over the whole Host experience. I've commented on other boards-- but I feel like this is going to be my most important post and I didn't want to get it wrong.

I'm not so sure about Melanie and Jared's relationship. I have some of the same apprehensions with them that I do with Edward and Bella--or rather, I have apprehensions that readers will get fairy tale ideas in their head because of Melanie and Jared's relationship.

I have no doubt that there is intensity and longing in relationships. But I saw a lot of Bella in Melanie... and for once, that's not really a compliment. She was completely distracted anytime he was around, save a few moments in the book, always "searching" for him in a room. Always craving his touch. It was very frustrating to read her acting like a love-sick teenager.

And Jared... well... after he figured out Mel was really present, I just wanted to smack him around. He treated Mel as if she were some piece of property. An argument with Ian--any argument he had about Mel's body while Wanda was in it--when they were talking about Wanda/Melanie and he was saying that Mel's body was his... and how Ian should back off. Yeah, because I definitely think that someone claiming my body--whether I'm in it or not-- is romantic (sarcastic tone implied). I just seems barbaric. Maybe that's what Steph was going for--since there needed to be some contrast between the Souls and the Humans.

Mel and Jared just... I understand how they work as a couple. Mel is into hero worship and Jared found Mel and was so grateful all he could do was fall for her. I just wonder how much of this fearless love has to do with the fact that they know they're living on borrowed time--living on the run and then in an underground community. Pressure can make people do crazy things.

(edited to insert more content and complete thoughts)
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

One thing that irritated me, was that we didnt get to see much of Jared & Melanie after the change.

I would love to see some outtakes from either POV, basically showing how their realtionship has strengthened & weakened.

I would love to see what happened when Melanie woke-up & all of that & the reuniting of them, I imagine it was emotional.

Melanie & Jared were my favorite couple. They had so much to deal with & they were the strongest. They were always independented minded [no pun intended] & despite others views & their input on their relationship, they were still in love & made it work. Their relationship was the most real.
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Post by little_lamb »

Mel and Jared are perfect together.

They're both really intense. I wasn't a fan of the kiss, at all. I can see both sides though.

I as well wish we could see more of their relationship before she left for Chicago.

Anyone else thrown back at first by the age difference?
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

I made a tagline for them in my sig.

They are so amazing. They are like the ideal human couple.
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Post by mybrandofherion »

People may think I'm crazy for this, but I like Jared and Melanie more than any other couple in the book. The memories of Jared had me hooked from the first glimpse of him. I was flipping through the book looking for more of that font. I also wanted to see what it was like when Melanie woke up after they seperated her and Wanda. I wanted so bad for those last few chapters to be in Melanie's POV, so that I could see more of her and Jared. I also like them much more than Ian and Wanda, I was so much more drawn to them. I think my favorite part of that book is when Wanda thinks she loses Mel and gets Jared to kiss her, I can't really explain it but that whole part was amazing.

I love that "Jamie wasn't so young that they needed to give him an excuse" it made me giggle :D
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Post by Bella_Cullen_13 »

No one should think you're crazy. Their relationship will actually work.

Theyre so adorable together & Jared is so hot. Melanie's sweet & I cried several times when she talked because Wanderer is in her body... I felt terrible for Melanie.
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Post by iluvedward22 »

Jared and melanie are great together. i like wanda and ian. they were just a bit too cheesy for me. I am a little worried about jared's and melanie's relationship though, escpacially at the end when wanda was like she sometimes saw jared staring at her. that was kind of threw me off, but i was reassured with the whole, jamie wasn't too young they needed to give him a reason. (sigh)
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Post by ccoledude »

Mel and Jared as so cute! I really hope that Stephenie puts their meeting after Wanda gets out of Mel's body on her website soon!
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