Jared and Melanie

Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!
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has anyone seen I Am Legend? remember when Will Smith (i cant remember the guys name) first meets the lady and the kid- he has no idea how to act or communicate or anything- he has been a little crazy without human interaction and has trouble interacting for awhile... just like jared. jared acted before thinking, he acted inexcusebly but im sure melanie has already forgiven him (i know i have) :wink:
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CastMeNotAway wrote:I am SO looking forward to reading more about this couple once the book comes out! I really think that they have (had? I mean, Wanderer's inside Melanie now...) a very powerful connection with eachother. They are both obviously strong people because they were a few of the last people left who hadn't been taken over... somehow they were able to hide or resist. I think that their relationship is also intesified because they really depend on eachother.

And I thought the kiss was very surpising, but also very understandable.
i love your signature image, really. :)

and i agree that the kiss was very straightforward, and i'm sure i would deliver a punch to anyone who attempted to do the same thing when we hadn't even really met yet, but i do understand why he did it. humans have physical needs just as much as they have mental needs. he hadn't seen another human in a long time, male or female, and then all of a sudden BOOM, female.

i am interested in how their relationship will progress.
i'm sure melanie's going to be very mean to him at first or just be very annoyed by everything he does, but that they'll click in the end.

and i hope that the kid in the cave is alright.
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I've read one of the advanced copies, so I'll try to avoid any spoilers, but Melanie and Jared aren't my favorite couple in the book. Even though they really seem to love each other, it almost seems that the reason they fell in love in the first place is simply because they met each other after a long time of not being around any other humans their age. They didn't really have much choice, if that makes sense. Also, even though Melanie's memories portray Jared as such an amazing guy, he's a bit of a jerk sometimes.
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I think the reason they fell in love was so much more intense than that i mean sure he kissed her because he was happy to have someone else around (i live in Australia so i've had the book for like a week or more so i've like read the ENTIRE thing so i'll try to avoid spoilers) but they spent a month together just talking getting to know each other and i think that gradually grew to love. I dont think it was out of necessity at all. And i beleive the reason jared was being a jerk was because not only was the human race on the fringe of extinction he also lost the girl he fell in love with heart and soul. If you love someone its painful to lose them but imagine if that person was also the last one you thought u'd ever see? the last girl u'd ever love? when mel left, it seems like it took away his bright and cheerful personality and replaced it with someome bitter and sad. She took away what had become something close to a vital organ for him. he doesn't seem so much a jerk to me as lost. i feel the same way about Jamie.
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Memory Jared broke my heart. "Miracles aren't like that. I'll never lose you." *weeps*

Present Jared made me both sad and angry...although even when he was making me angry I felt he was completely justified in his feelings. :lol:

The part where Wanda told him to lie to her had me in hysterics. I felt so BAD for him.
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i thought the kiss was understandable to say the east
i do like the couple and i think they are perfect for each other.
I agree with marcy, the part where she asked for the lie, i broke down. i couldnt take what he was saying, it was criving me crazy

anybody else notice that jared and mel both got really jealous when wanda and ian started liking each other
jared jealous that ian liked the person controlling the bodt
and mel jealous and rude whenever jared or ian kissed wanda
REALLY jealous people
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Post by Sunspot »

I'd really love to see more of their relationship.

When I read the excerpt from the host I thought the book would be more about JaredxMel and not so much about Wanda.

I think they're my favorite couple but sometimes I don't understand Jared. Maybe Steph will post an Extra from his POV?? :oops: :D
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I'd really love to see more of their relationship.

When I read the excerpt from the host I thought the book would be more about JaredxMel and not so much about Wanda.

I think they're my favorite couple but sometimes I don't understand Jared. Maybe Steph will post an Extra from his POV??
Exactly the same here!
I read it expecting alot more Mel/Jared than I did of Wanda herself...I'm sorry to say I was a little dissappointed. I found myself looking for Jared/Mel moments and when I found them, reading them about 3-4 times before moving on to the next part of the story :?
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Jared and Melanie have a very interesting relationship, not only because of they way they were almost forced together, but also how they were addicted to the other's presence. Jared (sorry to bring up a Jacob reference) was like this sunny, happy, generally happy survivor of an alien invasion, then his true love is killed/abducted, whatever you prefer, and BOOM!- the sun implodes. All of a sudden, he is the least friendly, bitterest, most violent person there (with the exception of Kyle).
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I love Jared, I just wish we could have seen more of his happy, smiling self, imbittered Jared was so sad :( I love at the end when it's like "Jamie wasn't so young that they needed to give him an excuse" tehehe

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