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Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!

Will you read non-Twilight books from Stephenie?

Yes, of course!
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Alice wrote:I just voted Yes, of course but now I'm having second thoughts...when Stephenie announced Breaking Dawn is the last book I panicked. I know she had originally discussed going on with the series as long as she had an audience. I don't really even want to think about how I might feel after I read Breaking Dawn. I don't know if I want to read any more of Stephenie's books because they're so amazing and fantastic and I don't want to go through losing her characters twice. Yeah, I'm insane but whatever. :?
You know thats pretty much how I feel about it, I'm hoping to avoid plunging into abyss of depression when I do fininsh reading BD, since it will be the last book from the series( well from what I heard it will be the last told in Bella POV).

*sighs* :(
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I agree, it is sad and depressing to have to lose your best friends, part of yourself, kind of like when Edward left Bella. OMG, these are only books, I must be looney. But, never -the -less I do know how you ladies feel.
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I would 100% read other books by Stephenie! Who else is excited for The Host, because I know I am! :D
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I will most definitely. I adore Stephenie's writing style and really admire her talent. When I get into an author's writing style I will read absolutely EVERYTHING that they for sure I will be reading The Host and any future things by Stephenie.
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Yes, of course!
I'll read anything and everything by Stephenie. :D
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Post by Cocoa »

We have a little nugget to chew on now. According to the recient USA article:

Original of the Species by U2 as well as the rest of that CD is the theme song for the Host. Have a listen and tell us your thoughts.
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I just listened through Original of the Species by U2 and if that is the theme of the book I really can't wait for it to come out. I am truly intreged. Stephenie has such an imagination and I know that this book is going to be great (not twilight amazing but still great). It is a shame that more people don't have that same type of imagination today (I blame TV).
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I would definitely read anything by Stephenie because she's such a good writer. I read the excerpt from Host and I loved it. At first I wasnt sure if I was going to read it because I'm not really into the whole sci-fi thing but after reading that excerpt I will def read The Host and anything else she writes.
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Of course I would! I'll read anything that she writes. I just enjoy her writing too much. Stephenie Meyer is my favorite writer. I love her books. She has such great ideas for books.
Also, she knows how to fit humor and emotion in her stories so well! :D

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