The Host and other works from Steph

Discussion for Stephenie Meyer's debut sci-fic/romance novel. Now open for all discussion. Don't enter if you haven't yet finished the book!

Will you read non-Twilight books from Stephenie?

Yes, of course!
Total votes: 137

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Post by Skumring »

No reason for me to ponder on what to answer here. I'll read anything that Stephenie'll write and I mean that literally. Even if she wrote a book about girls and their love for horses, I'd read it (and that's really stretching it, since I'm a guy).
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Re: The Host and other works from Steph

Post by sarahbells »

*so_jealous_of_bella* wrote:Not sure where to put this, sorry if it has to be moved.

I was just wondering how many other people are planning on reading Stephenie's other books like The Host and other future books.

I know I would probably read anything written by Stephenie, Twilight related or not. If she re-wrote the the phonebook (as has been said before) I would probably read the whole thing. That's just me- what about you?

It is not only that I really like the topic that she talked about in twilight but I really like the style she uses to write. It is wonderful. I read the host and i liked it. not as much as twilight but that is becasue I love edward.
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Post by tatiana »

I wish that there was a "Maybe" option for this poll...not just a "Yes" or "No". :)

I'm not a big fan of books that are strictly categorized as "romances" (read entirely too many of those years ago) for one thing, and I'm too cynical for another; and that's absolutely not why I picked up the Meyer's Twilight series -- I was curious about how Stephanie chose to develop her characters in a vampire kind of world. But I admit, it was Bella and Edward that kept me reading. And likely the memories of my own "true love(s)" while I'm reading about those two. And I've been re-reading "Twilight", "New Moon" and "Eclipse" because of their character development and their growing relationships, as well learning about the unique world they live in...not because it's supposed to have romance (although that is a sweet, but minor guilty pleasure). And I seriously enjoyed Stephenie's writing style (regardless of some minor quibbles that I noticed and others have mentioned). It's why I picked up the other two books immediately after reading the first "Twilight".

That being said, I finally pre-ordered "The Host" via Amazon the other day, after discussing the book with my friends at work who've also been bitten by the Twilight series I'm sort of willing to give it a try, although I'm rather uncertain that I'll like it. But, I do love good science she's got me with that hook.

After all, as dull as Harry Potter got in the last book, I pushed on reading till the end...just glad I'm a fast reader.
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Post by *Ana* »

I love the way she's writing and her style is really awesome, I enjoy reading her books really much. Of course I will read other books than Twilight series ones.. I just need to get them somehow... if I had those books here, I would buy or borow them and read them for sure :)
but the twilight series would be my favorites for sure! :)
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Post by xXTwilightGrlXx »

I'll read The Host if it is in my local Library...
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Post by Jess_Love1994 »

yeah i'm definitely going to read any of stephenie meyer's books! i don't really like sci-fi, but i completely trust her writing ability, so i know the host wil be great! with her writing skills, she could get me to read anything! :D
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Post by bellaluv »

I couldnt care less what the book was as long as it was by Steph. i would read it!!! She is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post by MinT »

SarcasticallyYours wrote:Yeah, I would read everything because I'm intensely author-loyal. If I like them, I read most of their works. I also like sci-fi, so I think I'll enjoy the Host.
I'm also intensely author-loyal and I love the idea that she started the Twilight series because of a dream. I love fantasy and sci-fi too, so I would defenitely be reading The Host when it comes out.

Post by demiseofroses »

i would totally read it! even though i dont really like sci-fiction but anything by her should be really awesome. :) i love whats she's written so far and i think she's really good.heck, i stopped reading buffy the vampire slayer books after reading twilight cos i didnt want to taint my image of her vampires (:
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Sure, why not?

Post by ShoriCullen »

I really like her writing so i would read one of her non-Twilight books.
But i wouldn't go out of my way to get them like I would the Twilight books. If one of my friends gets it I'd brow it for sure.
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